M60 mounted on tripod

M60 Medium Machine Gun

The M60 Machine gun is a 7.62x51mm medium machine gun designed in 1957 as a replacment to the M1919. The M60 is belt fed and features an interchangable barrel. The M60 first saw combat in Vietnam as the US Military's main Light Machine Gun and has been in service with the Military ever since. It has been mounted on everything from jeeps to Helicopters or given a single man the firepower they needed. The M60 is also one of the US armies most unreliable weapon systems put into serviceas the M60 would jam often and parts of the gun could be put in backward causing the gun to malfunction.The M60 is currently being phased out by the M240 Medium Machine Gun.


  • M60, The basic model
  • M60E1, improved model never saw service
  • M60E2, Coaxial mounted machine gun
  • M60B, used on helicopters
  • M60C, aircraft mounted
  • M60D, improved helicopter model
  • M60E3, improved lighter model
  • M60E4/Mk43, Improved E3, Mk43 naval designation