M136 AT4

AT4 Disposable Rocket Launcher


The Bofors M136 AT4 is a sSwedish made Dispoable Rocket Launcher. It fires an 84mm rocket from a single fire tube. The AT4 is the United States Army's main LAW (Light Anti Tank) weapon It has seen action in every war the United States has been in since Operation Just Cause. The AT4 can be fitted with a variaty of night and optical scopes to improve accuracy in battle.


There are currently 5 varians of the AT4 with pre loaded rockets.

  1. HEDP 502, which a dual porpose high explosive.
  1. HP, fires a high penatration rocket that can penatrate over 23.3 inches of armor
  1. AST, fires an anti structure rocket
  1. HEAT, fires a high explosive rocket that can penatrate 420mm of armor
  1. AT8, fires an anti bunker projectile