F-22A Rapter

F-22A Rapter

The F-22 Rapter is thefirst true stealth fighter. The F-22 has 8 internal bays to carry an array of weapons from AMRAAMs to JDAMs. It is capable of carring extra fuel or Missiles and bombs on 4x wing Hardpoints


The F-22 was Developed in order to suit the United States needs of a fith-generation fighter. One that could penatrate deep with in enemy airspace and engage or intercept Russian or Chinese Nuclear Bombers.


Air-to-Air payloud

2x Sidewinder Missiles

4x AMRAAM missiles

Air-to-Ground payloud

2x Sidewinder Missiles

2x AMRAAM Missiles

2x 1,000 pound JDAM Bombs or 4x 250 pound GBU-39 Small Diameter Bombs

Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground

1x M61A2 6 barrel 20mm Vulcan Cannon